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Our aim here is to provide a source of information regarding Michael's various projects, and the characters that Michael has played and brought to life, and also the people and places that have touched his career along the way.  

This wiki is still under development at the moment - please bare with us while it is under construction.

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What can offer me that I cannot find here?

If you are a fan of Michael, there is all the content you find here and so much more over at the website.  We have an extensive gallery of photos, screen caps and videos and also a forum for you to chat with other Michael Sheen fans and discuss his varied projects.

Where can I get DVD's of his back catalogue?

A lot of the articles in this wiki will include product links that will take you to our partner Amazon UK.  Alternatively, you can go direct to our Amazon shop where we have done the hunting for you to find all the must have DVDs, Blu Rays, Books, CDs and even audio downloads of some of his favourite music.

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