Fantabulosa still

Written By:

Martin Hesford (screenplay), Kenneth Williams (book)

Directed By:

Andy DeEmmony


13 March 2006




Fantabulosa! was a made-for-TV drama based on the diaries of beloved British actor, Kenneth Williams.


  • Michael Sheen - Kenneth Williams
  • Cheryl Campbell – Lou Williams
  • Peter Wight – Charlie Williams
  • Beatie Edney – Joan Sims
  • Kenny Doughty – Joe Orton
  • Ron Cook – Peter Eade
  • Martin Trenaman – Tony Hancock
  • David Charles – Charles Hawtrey
  • Ewan Bailey – Kenneth Halliwell
  • Rachel Clarke – Barbara Windsor


Based on Williams own diaries, this heartbreaking drama portrayed the life of the well loved British actor and star of the the 'Carry On' films. From the intimacy of his diaries and other sources, Fantabulosa! creates a portrait of a fastidious performer who hankered after recognition, adulation and companionship throughout his career. Yet although he could create a thousand voices and characters, he was unable to live comfortably within his own skin. Kenneth led a life full of mental torture as he tried to overcome his homosexuality in 1950s Britain.

It seemed only one person disliked him - himself.

He also suffered from chronic stomach problems, and was found in his home dead from an overdose of painkillers.



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