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New Moon


Aro is one of three who lead the clan of ancient vampires know as the Volturi, although he is thier overall leader. He has a supernatural gift that allows him to hear all thoughts, and know all memories of a person, simply by touching them.

In New Moon, when Alice, Bella and Edward are arrested, he uses his powers on Alice. Aro witnesses Alice's vision which shows Bella, sometime in the futures, as a vampire. He is intrigued by the fact he cannot garner any information from Bella herself as she appears to be immune to his powers. He releases Bella and the Cullens, on the condition that Bella be turned into a vampire one day.

Aro does not appear in the third novel, Eclipse, but returns in Breaking Dawn.

Aro is informed that Bella (now a vampire) and Edward have created an immortal child, which is outlawed. The Volturi make their way to Forks to confront the Cullens. It is discovered that the child is only half-vampire as she was born prior to Bella's transformation. He still sees the child as a threat and declares she must die. A fight is prevented by Bella, who has an ability to block powers. At the last moment, Alice appears with another half-breed, and assures Aro that they are no threat. He and the rest of the Volturi return to Italy.

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